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SPARK Snapshots: A Window Into the Autism Journey

Photo of a SPARK family

Date Revised: May 9, 2022

One way that SPARK is giving back to the autism community is by providing summary reports of data that have been collected. These reports are called SPARK Snapshots. The reports provide a window into the journeys of SPARK participants and contain interesting findings from the information that families have provided. As more families join SPARK and we explore new topics, we’ll take a new Snapshot to share our discoveries.

We take time to ensure that the information in the SPARK Snapshots is accurate, but these findings have not been evaluated by outside scientists via a process called peer review. View the scientific publications made possible by your participation in SPARK. 

Sometimes, when you participate in research, you are left wondering what scientists have discovered. SPARK won’t let that happen. You can find all of our reports below.