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Webinar: Aging in Autism-Risk and Resilience

In this webinar, which will take place July 24, 2024 at 12:00 PM Eastern time, Gregory L. Wallace, Ph.D., will focus on some areas of risk (for example, parkinsonism) and resilience (compensatory skills) that are being identified for autistic people as they age. He will highlight how these areas of risk and resilience might impact mental and physical health as well as quality of life for autistic people.

Who is Gregory Wallace?

Gregory L. Wallace, Ph.D., is a developmental neuropsychologist and an Associate Professor at The George Washington University.  He conducts several lines of work examining patient-centered, real-world outcomes and their links to behavior, cognition, and brain across the lifespan in autistic people and people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.  Examples of current projects include: 1) examination of mental and physical health outcomes among autistic adults, particularly as they age, and 2) investigating how autistic people compensate for non-social challenges they experience in their daily lives. 

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