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Webinar: The Effects of Autism on the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Date Published: February 21, 2024

In this recorded webinar, Jamie Upshaw discusses the school-to-prison pipeline and how the mischaracterization of individuals with autism can cause them to funnel into the juvenile criminal justice system.


Who is Jamie Upshaw?

A photo of Jamie UpshawJamie Upshaw, M.S., M.A., is the Founder/Executive Director of Autism Urban Connections Inc. (AUC Inc.), the first and only African American and minority family-focused Autism 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization in Pennsylvania. Ms. Upshaw has nearly 20 years of combined experience in the criminal justice and special education fields. Jamie and AUC Inc. have a mission to provide education, support, advocacy and empowerment to families. She works to ensure that all families receive the individualized supports and education to access valuable resources and services that enhance the quality of life, and break down barriers, while addressing the disparities in our most marginalized communities. Jamie is also a proud parent of a 12-year-old son diagnosed with autism.