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Webinar: Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Date Published: June 30, 2020

In this recorded webinar, Eileen Crehan, Ph.D., orients participants to the concepts and terms, and the state of science relating to sexual orientation and gender identity in autism. She shares resources on sexuality and relationship education programs for self-advocates, parents, and clinicians to aid in better supporting autistic individuals.

Who is Eileen Crehan?

Photo of Eileen Crehan, Ph.D.Eileen Crehan, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and assistant professor at Tufts University. Her work focuses on improving outcomes and access to systems for autistic adolescents and adults. Work in the Crehan Lab is guided by its Community Advisory Board to ensure that the work is reflecting the needs of the community. Current projects focus on testing and disseminating sexuality and relationship education programming for autistic individuals; exploring sibling, self, and parent report for autistic adults; using IEPs to understand access to school services; examining barriers and pathways to fitness engagement for autistic adults; and using eye-tracking technology to assess social perception in children with ADHD and ASD.

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