SPARK Community


This chart contains interactive features.

  • You may zoom in and out of the map using your scroll wheel.
  • You may translate the map by clicking and dragging.
  • Clicking a state will center the map on that state. Clicking on the background (the blue areas of the map) will center the map.

Map Info (Top Left)

We give a total count of all participants in the label on the top left of the map; i.e., # Participants. However, to maintain participant privacy we discard sites with less than 10 participants. Thus, the total sum of participants in the viewport is less than the actual total number of SPARK participants.

When you zoom and pan to different regions, the report calculates the number of participants in your current viewport.


Hovering over the legend entries will show only sites matching the population criteria in the viewport.

Color Schema

You may toggle the color schema of the map for better contrast, aesthetics, or accessibility (color blindness) by using the dropdown with the currently selected schema.

  • Reset View—Reset the map to default zoom of 1x and centered projection.
    • In mini-view this renders as a map control in the top-right corner of the map viewport.
  • Fixed Size—Change the markers to constant size.
  • Fixed Color—Change the markers to constant color.