About the SPARK Study!
Everyone living in the United States who has a professional diagnosis of autism is invited to be part of SPARK. With over 310,000 participants, SPARK is working to address the gaps in autism research and transform the way research is done. SPARK strives to listen to and include all voices in the autism community. Because without research, we are just guessing.
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Darnell's Journey to SPARK

Darnell Newsum, mother of an autistic daughter, talks about the discovery of her daughter's diagnosis and how SPARK became an important part of her family's community.
There are a lot of resources that aren't available to many families, because of income. I've been that parent. So, I feel it would be very beneficial to get research out to those families so that they are able to take advantage of all the resources available to them, to help their children in the most efficient way possible.
Kanesha Burch, Autism Mom

Debunking Autism Stereotypes: Cami's Story

Camryn did not fit the stereotype of someone with autism. Did that delay her diagnosis?
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